teeth removal

Tooth extraction has come quite a long way in the dentistry world and dentists and surgeons now have it down to a fine art. There is no longer an image of scary dentists that take your teeth out with a pair of giant pliers, the procedure is now at a point where it is relatively painless and easy to recover from.

What to eat
One of the best things that you can do after any dental procedure is to eat only soft or liquid foods for a few days, this will give your mouth the appropriate time to heal. Try foods like pasta, soup, yogurt or rice as these are easy to eat without much chewing.

Hard or crunchy foods can cause irritation to the wound or they could potentially cause the wound be reopened, only start to eat harder foods after a few days.

What to drink
You should avoid drinking any acidic or alcoholic drinks until your mouth is healed. You should try to stick to water and you should also rinse mouth regularly and most dentists will recommend making a salt water solution to rinse the mouth with as this can assist with keeping the mouth clean and to help with the healing process. It is really important to keep hydrated after putting your body under a significant level of stress from the removal of the teeth.

It is important that in the first few days after having your teeth removed that you brush very gently so that you do not cause damage to the wound where your teeth were removed, you do not want to cause any irritation that may risk an infection.

Using the whole course of antibiotics that were prescribed to you is crucial for avoiding any form of infection that may form in the wound. It is also advisable to use the painkillers that were prescribed to you if you are feeling excessive pain or discomfort.

You should avoid smoking until the your mouth has healed completely, but if you cannot resist you should not smoke within the first 2-3 days of any major dental procedure. Again smoking may cause irritation in the mouth and cause further issues.

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