Have you ever wondered what is lurking on the whiteness of the bristles of your toothbrush? In this article we will talk more about your toothbrush and the level of care that it needs to keep your mouth as clean and healthy as possible.

Under the microscope
After repeated use the bacteria and microorganisms that live in your mouth start to accumulate on your toothbrush and by brushing with your toothbrush you are just introducing your mouth to more bacteria. Residual toothpaste also builds up on your toothbrush.

Keep it clean
You would never use a dirty knife to cut meat, so why would you use an unclean toothbrush to brush your teeth with? Keeping your toothbrush clean is one thing that you should do regularly and is very easy to do.

There are a number of options available for cleaning your toothbrush and these range from soaking your toothbrush in boiling water or anti-bacterial mouthwash to sanitisers that use ultraviolet light to kill any bacteria. You should clean your toothbrush at least once a week and store it properly, which we will talk about below.

Store it properly
You should never store your toothbrush upside down or on its side, you should ensure that it is always stored in an upright position and the bristles should not be touching anything else. The reason for this is because it gives your toothbrush the best chance to dry, if it is upside down or on its side it will not dry properly and this creates an environment that allows bacteria to multiply.

Sharing is not caring
Under no circumstances should you ever share your toothbrush, it is unhygienic and it does not matter if the person is your family member. There is a possibility that you expose them to different bacteria and it may make them sick.

Throw it away
Most dental professionals will recommend that you keep your toothbrush for a period of about 3 months, but this will all depend on how you brush. Those that tend brush harder will notice that their toothbrushes wear out much more quickly and those that brush more gently will have less wear. It is important however that you are aware of the state of your toothbrush, so you know when to replace and buy a new toothbrush.

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